Bishop Barbara appeals for help

By Rose Achiego

The Bishop of Malindi Rt. Rev Emanuel Barbara appeals to people of good will to donate foodstuff, clothing and also give financial support in aid of Mpeketoni attack victims who are now seeking refuge in different parishes in fear of fresh attacks.

Consoling and praying with the victims at Hongwe Parish where the Church has so far received more than thirty refugees, Bishop Barbara said the immediate need of the affected people is food and shelter.

In a phone interview with Hongwe Parish Priest Fr. James Kamau, Bishop Barbara also called for Christians to pray that Kenya remains one and also for the conversion of the attackers who have so far claimed more than 60 lives in two different attacks on the nights of 15th June 2014 and 16th June 2014.

He also called for justice to be done to the perpetrators of the heinous attack as he condoled with the families who had lost their loved ones.

The bishop said the area was faced with serious health risks as most of the bodies of the victims were still lying unpreserved in a make-shift shelter since the existing mortuary facility was already full.