CARITAS Homa Bay is a Development wing in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay responsible for all the socio-economic programs. This can be traced back since the inception of the Diocese and seeks to address the numerous challenges that affect the people. The approach is used to encourage the peoples’ establishments so that they are empowered to take charge of their own development initiatives.


Caritas Homa Bay is geared towards initiating projects that improve livelihood. It focuses on holistic development of the entire community with special emphasis on the poor. This has led to undertaking developments along the community needs rather than the needs of development programs. In partnership with other donor agents and our good partners, who always avail themselves to support us, the development wing has done commendable work despite the major challenges faced in terms of availability in resources


Under CARITAS Homa Bay the following programs are currently running:

  1. Agriculture and Environment
  2. Micro Enterprise development
  3. Primary Health Care
  4. Justice and Peace
  5. Education
  6. Water and Sanitation


Although these programs have recorded significant achievements, the community needs are far from being met.