Water and Agriculture

Agriculture remains the backbone of the Kenyan economy, contributing approximately 25% of the GDP, and employing 75% of the national labour force (Republic of Kenya 2005). Over 80% of the Kenyan population live in the rural areas and derive their livelihoods, directly or indirectly from agriculture.

 The Kenyan Vision 2030 Strategy identified agriculture as one of the six key economic sectors expected to drive the economy to a projected 10 percent economic growth annually over the next two decades through promotion of an innovative, commercially-oriented and modern agriculture.


AEP program seeks to contribute to the Agricultural policy of the country through increasing productivity and income growth, especially for smallholders. It endeavours to enhanced food security and equity, emphasis on irrigation to introduce stability in agricultural output, commercialisation and intensification of production especially among small scale farmers and environmental sustainability. The programs main functions include;

  • Provision of agricultural extension services
  • Partnership with Agricultural research institutions and promote technology delivery
  • Development, implementation and coordination projects
  • Management and control of pests and diseases in crops
  • Promotion, management and conservation of the natural resource base for
  • Agriculture & Environment
  • Collection, documentation and sharing of agricultural & livestock information