The pastors of the Church, using a right proper to the Church in fulfilling their function, are to endeavour to make use of the instruments of social communication.” (Canon 822.1)

The Diocesan Communications Office plays a role in communicating the message of the Gospel on various fronts. This is especially important in the technological age, where speed and facility of communication is all-important.

Heeding the call of Jesus Christ to "Go out and make disciples of all nations," the Diocesan Communications Department strives to bring the message of the Church to the twenty-first century. We aim to promote clear, accurate information, and positive messages about the mission of the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay, in keeping with the growing pace and the rise of the media in all its forms.

Through the Office of Communications, the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay comments on the pressing questions of our time and teaches on subjects of importance, which benefit from two millennia of Catholic teaching.

The main purpose of Communications is twofold:

  • Internal communications: between the Diocese and the parishes and the institutions within the Diocese; and
  • External communications: between the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay (including its parishes) and the the wider world.

At the heart of the Communications Office is the goal to provide and facilitate wide a range of communication services to the diocese including:

  1. Campaigns promoting the gospel.
  2. Responsible for the Development of Diocesan Website and associated sites.
  3. Responsible for the Bridge, design & layout of Diocesan publications e.g. newsletter.
  4. Inform the faithful about diocesan undertakings and ministries and programs.
  5. Build community by profiling people and stories from across the diocese.
  6. Evangelize through stories of faith in action, of faith-filled people, of different groups working for justice, etc. both within the diocese and the community at large.
  7. Help with adult faith formation and catechesis through columns, articles and coverage of formation events, speakers, educational efforts, etc.
  8. record the events, activities, initiatives in the diocese as an ongoing archive of historical record.
  9. Information service for the press and broadcast media both local and national.
  10. Crisis management, support and advice for clergy and Diocesan offices during times of press interest.

Media Support

Some occasions and event provokes considerable media interest. The attentions of newspaper, radio and television journalists can present an opportunity for showing Christian ministry at work, but also a challenge for individuals engaged in ministry.  The Communications office is available to Diocesan offices, lay workers and clergy to advise and offer support at such times.

The Communications Department can be contacted during office hours at Diocesan Secretariat, Or send an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Call +254-721 83 99 59 at any time of the day.

If you would like to advertise something, or even to contribute the website, please get in touch.