The Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay has 51 trained Catechists. This number includes the female Catechists of whom ten are Religious Sisters.

The Catechists meet the Ordinary at least twice a year at the Parish level and at the Diocesan level. These meetings include issues such as regards their work in the Diocese, and understanding of the cultures and values of the Christians. Such data are supportive to the Ordinary in establishing and developing of new Churches. The Ordinary also guides them and with him they plan their spiritual growth and dialogue about their projects.

They have a Priest coordinator.

Their work is as follows:

  • Visiting the sick and preparing them for reception of the Sacraments
  • Training and arranging courses, workshops and seminars for the untrained or part time Catechists at zonal and diocesan levels.
  • Teaching Catechism and preparing Catechumens for reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation.
  • Presiding over Sunday and funeral services in the absence of a Priest
  • Visiting the laxed Christians and trying to bring them back to the faith
  • Working and promoting Small Christian Communities and teaching Pastoral Programmes in Primary Schools
  • Promoting and guiding various devotional groups
  • They work hand in hand with the Priests, Pastoral Councils in implementing the recommendations of the “Ecclesia in Africa.”

There are 653 Part-time or untrained Catechists in the Diocese of Homa Bay. Through workshops, seminars, retreats and other courses, Part-time Catechists are able to do the following duties:

  • Teach and instruct Catechumens on prayer and Doctrine
  • Prepare both children and adults for 1st Holy Communion
  • Some of them are able to give Pastoral Programs and Religious Instructions in Primary Schools
  • They are useful in giving guidance in Small Christian Communities
  • They officiate in the Christian burial services
  • They lead the religious, or Sunday services in the absence of a Priest The Majority of the Part-time Catechists are men.

So as to enhance a good relationship among the Catechists themselves, they have an Association where they share, discuss their problems and plan for their projects for their own sustainability.