The Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay has centres for fostering the Apostolate or Pastoral Care of our faithful. They are small places with limited facilities, but useful because of the courses offered on the On-going Formation of the Catechists, leadership and Pastoral Seminars and workshops for various groups of people in the Diocese.

The Centres include:

  1. Rongo Pastoral Centre,
  2. Kadie Catechetical & Retreat Centre and
  3. Karungu (Golgotha) Pastoral & Retreat Centre.

The Pastoral Centres are in need of expansion and face lifting.

Kadie Catechetical and Retreat Centre specializes in the formation of the Catechists and prepares them for Pastoral and Catechetical activities.

Pastoral and Catechetical Centres

i.  Cardinal Otunga Pastoral Centre – Rongo

ii.  Kadie Catechetical Centre – Oriang’