Alcohol and Drug Information, Facts, and Statistics

Alcohol and drug abuse are defined as patterns of drinking or using drugs (prescription and illicit) that result in harm to a person’s health, well-being, relationships, and productivity. A person who abuses drugs and alcohol is not necessarily an addict. However, abuse of these substances is a risk factor for developing an addiction because continuous abuse can lead to physical and psychological dependence.See More.


The invitation to the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro is also an invitation to a deeper meditation on the theme of the meeting: “Go and make disciples of all nations!” (cf. Mt 28:19). This is the great missionary mandate that Christ gave the whole Church, and today, two thousand years later, it remains as urgent as ever.

In the Catholic diocese of Homa Bay, Christian formation of the youth is done by the Priests in general, mostly by Priests in charge of Parishes, and in a more particular way the Youth Chaplains at the deanery level and the Diocese at large.

Also in the formation team are the women and men religious and lay faithful as well, who are trained as Youth Coordinators and are involved in the formation of the Youth.

Priests visit institutions of learning for Confessions, Masses, Religious Instructions, retreats, seminars and workshops also at Parish levels. The Catholic teachers either directly or through their Associations help in the formation of the youth.


The Christian Formation of the youth in schools could be more effective. However, there are many schools under each Parish, and not all schools can be reached due to more urging pastoral requirements and lack of qualified teachers in pastoral apostolate.

Pastoral instructions are missing in some of our schools. The Religious Education given in schools is geared towards passing examination and not for formation of life.

Christian formation to Catholic Youth is important as it prepares them for apostolic lay evangelization. This is usually done through Young Christian Students in the institutions of learning, and also through Legion of Mary, Catholic Liturgical Choirs, Young Christian Workers, Scout and Girl Guide Movements in the Catholic Institutions and rallies.

Preparation for Christian marriage is done by Parish Priests in collaboration with Religious and Lay Catechists. Christian Communities participate in the preparation of Christian marriages and so do Family Life Programmes.

Unemployment & HIV/AIDS related cases are prevalent among the idling youth.

Youth Ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay

Youth ministry in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay is coordinated and conducted by a combination of local priest pastors and lay volunteers at the deanery or diocese level.

Due to lack of sufficient funds / resources the Diocese is currently unable to employee lay professionals both on a full-time or part-time basis. We, however, invite lay professionals and some of the time priests or members of religious congregations, in times of dire need.

The advantages to employing priests in these roles include the reduced incentive costs, their ability to minister the sacraments and their guaranteed theological knowledge.

The shortage of priests in the diocese, however, mean that diocese is increasingly turning to religious or lay people, who as well as being a little more flexible, enhance cordial and collaborative ministry among the priests and church congregations.

Youth Ministry Office

The catholic diocese of Homa Bay look forward to creating a stable space / Office for Youth Ministry and to employs a full-time Youth Ministry Co-ordinator and part-time Youth Chaplains. This is currently hampered by the insufficient number of priest in the Diocese. This Office supports youth ministry in parishes, deaneries and in the diocese as a whole.